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RTP Evaluators is the Eastern North Carolina local chapter of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). RTP Evaluators meetings are held quarterly on the third Friday of February, May, August, and November in the Research Triangle Park for professional development and networking.

MISSION: RTP Evaluator’s mission is to enhance evaluation practices and networking in North Carolina and promote evaluation as a profession.

VISION: RTP Evaluator’s vision is to build an active network of professionals committed to enhancing evaluation capacity within and beyond their organizations.

VALUES: RTP Evaluators values inclusion, innovation, and investment.

  1. Inclusion: We welcome members, at any stage in their career, who practice evaluation, supervise evaluations, or simply want to learn more about the profession and practice. Members include those who work within an organization as well as independent consultants,as well as students from all disciplines.
  2. Innovation: We value the full range of traditional and cutting-edge evaluation practices and methods, and welcome perspectives from a variety of fields.
  3. Investment: We value individuals who are passionate about advancing their practice and thinking, and who are equally passionate about contributing to the development of others.

Organization: RTPE is led by a Board, advised by its membership, structured as a responsive professional network propelled by ad hoc committees, and aligned with AEA.

Contacts: We welcome your inquiries about the group, membership, quarterly meetings, and professional development opportunities.
Contact us and connect with us via LinkedIn.